GrabAds – Case Study

Absorption Panels on Ceiling GrabAds

GrabAds is a local digital media marketing company that recently built out a new custom workspace. However, the acoustics in the room were not previously addressed when designing the space.

The Problem

All of the surfaces in the work space were sealed, causing sound to reflect back into the room. This problem created so much excess noise that coworkers could not communicate between desks. This decreases productivity, employee morale, and a sense of community in the workplace.

The Solution

GrabAds enlisted the help of Commercial Acoustics to perform a reverberation test in the space. We came up with the solution of absorption panels, which are great for remedying an acoustic problem within a single room. They work to reduce echo and reverberation, making for improved speech intelligibility.


We designed a layout of the panels that worked within their space and installed them in order to meet their budget and timeline. This allowed for coworkers to communicate more effectively without noise disturbances.

Here are some photos of the various places we installed absorption panels throughout their workspace.

Soundproofing GrabAds

GrabAds Soundproofing

If you are interested in discovering how much absorption is necessary for your space, please refer to this absorption guide.