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commercial acoustics soundproofing and acoustics industry leader

Premium Acoustics and sound blocking doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We bring together a team with over 30 years of combined acoustical experience to offer a premium selection of acoustical products and services that are guaranteed to solve your acoustical issues, today!

We’ve hand-selected Acoustical Products that we’ve used with contractors and clients and that we stand by. We’ve paired all products with detailed data sheets and step-by-step installation instructions to ensure that your unique acoustical issues are addressed and solved. Whether you’re a DIY’er, homeowner, architect, contractor or maybe just searching for noise relief – we have the answers and products to assist you.

So what makes Commercial Acoustics today’s top soundproofing leader?

  • Every one of our products is made in America and rigorously tested to perform at the highest acoustical level so you can be confident in finding a solution that works!
  • Our deep technical knowledge and relevant hands-on experience with acoustical products in all project types and sizes.
  • Our exclusive Acoustic Selection algorithm, tailored to your requirements and budget allows customers to filter product selection via our Product Selector Tool. Stop guessing or purchasing a blanket solution.
  • Personalized project management and unparalleled customer service and support.
  • No need to wait for quotes – each of our products is priced and ready to ship within hours or days.
  • Ability to manufacture and customize in house! Our state of the art factory is designed and outfitted to only manufacture premium acoustical products. If your project requires tailoring or a unique solution, Commercial Acoustics is your one-stop shop.

The extent of our knowledge, services and products greatly separates us from other soundproofing companies out there, and we want to show you why. Tell us about your project today! We will guide you through the process of finally attaining the peace and quiet you deserve.


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