Commercial Acoustics in Partnership with Sound Proof Atlanta

soundproof atlanta

Commercial Acoustics has partnered with Sound Proof Atlanta to provide a complete, service-oriented soundproofing solution to clients in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Sound Proof Atlanta has been providing soundproofing and acoustical solutions to the Greater Atlanta market for some time now. Steve Forrester, the President, has been working on various sound and acoustic assemblies for over a decade.  What makes Sound Proof Atlanta truly unique is that his company’s focus is on One Thing: Soundproofing and all projects and products that accomplish that specialty goal in the markets of residential, commercial, and studio work.  This is why Commercial Acoustics and Sound Proof Atlanta work well together – Noise Busters! 

Unlike other contractors that try to figure out the noise issues on the go (and on the client’s dime), Steve and his team measure and inspect their installations in the field to ensure superior results, every time.

Depending on the acoustical requirements, Sound Proof Atlanta uses a wide range of soundproofing materials including resilient channel, hat channel on resilient mounts, soundproofing membranes, and double solid core doors.

This partnership allows clients a seamless transition from a selection of the superior soundproofing products to an installer with significant experience and know-how to get the job done.  In the end, it’s the customers of Atlanta who benefit from the relationship.

Fernando Eguez