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Certified Lencore Sound Masking Installer

lencore sound masking

Commercial Acoustics has been certified as a Lencore Sound Masking system installer. As an acoustic consulting firm, our engineers and technicians are trained in designing sound masking systems and other acoustic treatments. By combining both design and installation capabilities under one roof, Commercial Acoustics is able to control the performance of the sound masking system. […]

Commercial Acoustics Expands to New Manufacturing Facility to Accommodate Continued Growth

Commercial Soundproofing Warehouse 2

Firm Specializes in Soundproofing, Acoustic Treatment, and Sound Masking Projects – Expands to 12,000 Square Foot Manufacturing Plant Tampa – Commercial Acoustics, soundproofing company and developer of the award-winning Wall Blokker, today announced the move of its headquarters to 6122 Benjamin Road, Tampa, FL 33634 near the Tampa International Airport. After 5 years of growth […]

Commercial Acoustics Wins National Multifamily Innovation Challenge

OpTech Soundproofing Challenge

New Sound-Blocking Technology sets Commercial Soundproofing Firm Apart Orlando, FL – Commercial Acoustics, has been awarded the Innovation Challenge for developing a disruptive technology for soundproofing in the apartment and multifamily industry. Over the past six years, the Tampa-based firm has been working with an automotive manufacturer to find recycled polymer-additive composites that can be used […]

Tampa-Based Soundproofing Firm a Finalist for National Multi-Family Award

Soundproofing Competition

Commercial Acoustics was named as a finalist for 2018 NMHC OPTECH Innovation Challenge.  The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) is an organization dedicated to improving tenant experiences in apartment and other multifamily living. The council has identified noise complaints and related issues as one of their top challenges to meeting tenant demands, and sought out […]

Acoustic Training for Architects Nation-Wide

acoustic consultant

Having already performed training for over 50 architecture firms in Florida and Georgia, and over 500 architects and designers, Commercial Acoustics has continued to develop its Architectural Acoustics curriculum. Acoustic Training and Services for Architects We’ve grown beyond our initial territory in the Southeast, and now offer CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) to AIA-certified architects across […]

Commercial Acoustics Expands to New Orleans

new orleans acoustics

After completing several acoustical projects in New Orleans and identifying the significant need for soundproofing services there, Commercial Acoustics is excited to announce that we have brought a full-time presence to New Orleans, Louisiana. See Details: Soundproofing the Sazerac Museum on Canal Street (New Orleans) Commercial Acoustics is an acoustical engineering company founded in 2013 that […]

Commercial Acoustics featured on Millionaire Interviews Podcast

Millionaire Interviews Podcast

Commercial Acoustics was recently featured on Millionaire Interviews, a top new entrepreneurial podcast focused on unique companies and their quest for survival and growth. While many architects and contractors have used our products over the years, few know the story behind the firm that has led us on the mission to soundproof the world – […]

Understanding Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Excessive noise levels in the workplace have put millions of employees at risk of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), making it one of the top occupational illnesses in the United States. Employers can protect their employees from sound-related hazards by following all noise-regulation laws and installing proper soundproofing to minimize noise at the source. To measure […]

Resolve Noise Complaints Easily with Apt. App

Commercial Acoustics partners with Apt. App to work on soundproofing solutions

A growing number of people are finding that apartment communities are the ideal fit for their lifestyles. While there are innumerable benefits to apartment-style living, there are also some major drawbacks. Most notably, noise. Dealing with noisy neighbors becomes a much greater struggle when living in such close proximity. With nothing but a thin wall […]

Commercial Acoustics in Partnership with Sound Proof Atlanta

soundproof atlanta

Commercial Acoustics has partnered with Sound Proof Atlanta to provide a complete, service-oriented soundproofing solution to clients in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Sound Proof Atlanta has been providing soundproofing and acoustical solutions to the Greater Atlanta market for some time now. Steve Forrester, the President, has been working on various sound and acoustic assemblies for over […]