Commercial Acoustics in Partnership with Soundproof Atlanta

Commercial Acoustics Soundproof Atlanta

Commercial Acoustics has partnered with Soundproof Atlanta to provide a complete, service-oriented soundproofing solution to clients in the city.

Soundproof Atlanta has been providing soundproofing and acoustical solutions to the Greater Atlanta market for some time now. Steve Forrester, the President, has been working on various sound and acoustic assemblies for over a decade. What makes Soundproof Atlanta truly unique is that, in Steve’s words, they “don’t mess around with projects other than noise”. Most of their work involves window and doors for residential locations, in-home studios, and commercial studios. However, they’ll also treat unique open-space designs, restaurants, and other specialty requirements. 

Unlike other contractors that try to figure out the noise issues on the go (and on the clients’ dime), Steve and his team measure and inspect their installations in the field to ensure superior results, time after time.

Depending on the acoustical requirements, Soundproof Atlanta uses a wide range of soundproofing materials including resilient channel, hat channel on resilient mounts, soundproofing membranes and double solid core doors.

This partnership allows clients a seamless transition from a selection of the superior soundproofing products to an installer with significant experience and know-how to get the job done.  In the end, it’s the customers of Atlanta that benefit from the relationship.

Commercial Acoustics Hosts Homebrew Hillsborough

commercial acoustics soundproofing presentation homebrew hillsborough in tampa florida

This past Friday Commercial Acoustics had the pleasure of hosting Homebrew Hillsborough’s monthly coffee networking event.

By holding events like this one, Homebrew Hillsborough works to create collaborative environments for local businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and flourish together.

Hosting this month’s event was an exciting opportunity for Commercial Acoustics.

commercial acoustics coo presenting soundproofing products like mass loaded vinyl

The meet-up began with a tour of our factory, led by Nathaniel Lamb, our Chief Operations Officer. Nathaniel walked our visitors through our factory and offices, giving them a feel for our day-to-day operations and allowing them to get to know our team.

commercial acoustics ceo presenting soundproofing curtains

Following the tour, Walker Peek, our CEO, discussed the ABC²s of Commercial Acoustics:


  • Echo & Reverb Control
  • Baffles, Clouds, Panels


  • Soundproofing Membranes
  • Floor Underlayments
  • Wall Underlayments


  • Sound Masking
  • Ambient Background Noise


We greatly enjoyed hosting Homebrew Hillsborough here at Commercial Acoustics and look forward to their future events!

Commercial Acoustics – Florida’s Companies to Watch

commercial acoustics ceo walker peek

After another record-breaking year, Commercial Acoustics has been recognized as one of GrowFL’s Florida’s Companies to Watch in 2017.

Commercial Acoustics focuses on soundproofing and acoustical solutions, and has a strong market in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. They have a number of innovative soundproofing membranes used in hotels, multi-family, and other properties to reduce airborne and structure-borne sound traveling between spaces.

Next year Commercial Acoustics aims to add 4 new positions, and experience another 50% growth as they bring their newest polymer membrane to the market in the Southeast.

Commercial Acoustics – Florida Companies to Watch

commercial acoustics florida

Commercial Acoustics has developed as an independent division of the Residential Acoustics soundproofing firm. Started just 3 years ago on the kitchen floor of a noisy apartment, the company began focusing on soundproofing curtains. After prototypes and patents were completed on a shoestring budget, they brought the curtains to market and haven’t looked back.

However, something strange happened as customers called in for soundproofing curtains – sound didn’t just come from their windows. Sometimes it came from neighbors & spouses, upstairs & downstairs, in the form of whistles and clangs. What quickly became apparent is that a single solution does not fit all problems, and other solutions needed to be developed. This leads to an underlying principle in the acoustical consulting industry – every solution MUST be customized for the problem at hand.

The company began developing soundproofing membranes for walls and floors, sound masking systems for open offices, absorption panels for noisy rooms, and even using ground-breaking technologies for consulting with city planners and developers.

After treating dozens of projects – from home studios to multi-million dollar condos and mixed-use multi-family developments – the company has now been named to Florida’s Companies to Watch list for 2016.

We continue to see the vast majority of properties either not meeting the sound attenuation portion of the Building Code, or simply not using practical, cost-free acoustical design approaches. In the end, soundproofing in residential and commercial applications only works if the owners and tenants agree that it’s needed. Most tenants do agree, and developers are willing to pay the price if they see a value-add to their properties and are reminded how and why to do the right thing.

To learn more about how Commercial Acoustics is disrupting the soundproofing industry, check out their automated acoustic tools or case studies within.

Commercial Acoustics Hosts Networking Happy Hour

commercial acoustics happy hour

Commercial Acoustics hosted a Happy Hour at Coppertail Brewery to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of our newest soundproofing division, and to highlight a number of successes over the past 12 months, including:

  • Closed Funding: We closed a growth equity round with Baldwin Beach Capital which has allowed us to expand into new markets in numerous major cities around the country
  • Launched New Division: Starting with Residential Acousticssoundproofing curtains, we’ve added a number of new product lines including Acoustical Absorption, Sound-Blocking Membranes, Sound Masking Cover, and Acoustical Consulting – a capability we shorten to ABC2
  • Distribution Agreement with Manufacturing Partners: We’ve reached an exclusive distribution agreement for our soundproofing membranes
  • Growth and New Hires: We’ve doubled in size over the past 2 years, bringing on new Sales and Product Development staff. We’ve just passed our first $1M in sales as a company, and hope to continue our growth in years ahead.

commercial acoustics networking happy hour

Commercial Acoustics – The Soundproofing Industry Leaders

commercial acoustics soundproofing and acoustics industry leader

Premium Acoustics and sound blocking doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We bring together a team with over 30 years of combined acoustical experience to offer a premium selection of acoustical products and services that are guaranteed to solve your acoustical issues, today!

We’ve hand-selected Acoustical Products that we’ve used with contractors and clients and that we stand by. We’ve paired all products with detailed data sheets and step-by-step installation instructions to ensure that your unique acoustical issues are addressed and solved. Whether you’re a DIY’er, homeowner, architect, contractor or maybe just searching for noise relief – we have the answers and products to assist you.

So what makes Commercial Acoustics today’s top soundproofing leader?

  • Every one of our products is made in America and rigorously tested to perform at the highest acoustical level so you can be confident in finding a solution that works!
  • Our deep technical knowledge and relevant hands-on experience with acoustical products in all project types and sizes.
  • Our exclusive Acoustic Selection algorithm, tailored to your requirements and budget allows customers to filter product selection via our Product Selector Tool. Stop guessing or purchasing a blanket solution.
  • Personalized project management and unparalleled customer service and support.
  • No need to wait for quotes – each of our products is priced and ready to ship within hours or days.
  • Ability to manufacture and customize in house! Our state of the art factory is designed and outfitted to only manufacture premium acoustical products. If your project requires tailoring or a unique solution, Commercial Acoustics is your one-stop shop.

The extent of our knowledge, services and products greatly separates us from other soundproofing companies out there, and we want to show you why. Tell us about your project today! We will guide you through the process of finally attaining the peace and quiet you deserve.


Acoustical Questions?

Are You A Contractor With Acoustical Questions?

Commercial Acoustics is the one stop shop for quality soundproofing products and experienced consultant advice for all project types. If you’re a contractor, business owner or DIY’er sometimes all it takes is a 5 minute consultation with us to become an expert on the products that will work well for your specific needs, why they’ll work, how they’re installed and what to do next.

Our team is experienced, accredited, field tested and excited to assist you in the planning of your next project. Since the science of sound is what we love, studying and remaining current on the soundproofing options in the marketplace for every noise scenario is critical to our success. We vet new technologies and materials daily, using them on personal projects or in our testing facility to make sure what we recommend to you is exactly what you need.

All sound is not created equal. The same can be said for soundproofing companies.

We’ve been the go-to source for contractors nationwide, supplying them with the knowledge and products that lead to impressive results. Let us help you too! Contact us today.

Acoustical Contractor Supply

Acoustical Contractors

We know how hard it can be to find the right materials for an acoustical or soundproofing project. Whether it’s sound barrier material for a home theater system, or acoustical panels for a gym or other large project, finding the right material on budget and on time is critical.

Commercial Acoustics prides itself in being the Acoustical Contractor Supply Depot of choice. Our staff of trained and knowledgeable acoustical consultants brings a technical perspective to each and every project. We’ll get you the materials you need to complete the job!

Acoustical Contractor Supply

  • Experience with detailed quotes – we’ll handle them quickly and easily
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Custom Quotes for New Construction, Remodeling, or Acoustical Projects
  • Low Price directly from the manufacturer and Ships in Days
  • Tech and spec data online, to minimize call wait time, and with lower overhead, we can afford to get you the best price!

Commercial Acoustics – Offering Custom Acoustic Solutions

custom acoustic solutions

We’re pleased to finally unveil our newest website, the services and solutions branch of our parent company Residential Acoustics, the makers of the AcousticCurtain and AcoustiTrac, soundproofing window solutions.

We’ve become more and more familiar with the issues facing people everyday, as we’ve taken on projects to support those that face noise issues both at home and at work, as well as on the road. There are a number of solutions available to any person, depending on budget, schedule, and how much they’re willing to deal with ALL THAT NOISE! We want to educate people to make the most informed decision possible, and our end goal to reduce noise-related frustration in the customers we serve every day.