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Clubhouse Acoustical Ceiling Panels

When Waterway East Condominium underwent a renovation of their clubhouse, the transition from carpeted flooring to a more modern Luxury Vinyl Tile increased the sound intensity during gatherings and events which became problematic for residents. Commercial Acoustics was then approached to design and install a cost-effective solution. Understanding the absorption coefficients of the room finishes […]

Tampa Sound Masking for Tru Simulation

Open Office Sound Masking

Tampa Sound Masking Solution When the headquarters of Tru Simulation + Training in Tampa Florida needed to improve sound privacy within the accounting and sales division of their office space, they contacted the experts at Commercial Acoustics to analyze the space and determine the most efficient way to solve their sound transmission issues. The parent […]

Mellow Mushroom – Restaurant Acoustics

Mellow Mushroom is a hip national pizzeria chain attracting all age demographics. Known for their delicious food and fun and creative restaurant environment, the quality of their guests dining experience is of the utmost importance. As with most dining establishments, having the proper acoustical environment is necessary. When a Mellow Mushroom restaurant location was experiencing […]

Restaurant – Soundproofing AcoustiTrac Partition

Restaurant Soundproofing

Soundproofing a Restaurant Wright’s Gourmet is an upscale eatery known for its delicious meals and family-friendly atmosphere. Recently Wright’s renovated their large dining room to improve the functionality of the space and the restaurant’s ability to host business events and social gatherings. To provide sound privacy for multiple groups at the same time, options to […]

Restaurant Acoustical Absorption – Ceiling Clouds

acoustic absorption

Mekenita Cantina Mexican Restaurant is a hip and lively eatery in the heart of a booming culinary scene in downtown Tampa Florida. After the build out was complete, the space was experiencing high reverberation times which created an overpoweringly loud dining experience, and cause for complaint with patrons. Mexican Restaurant Acoustic Treatment To improve speech-intelligibility […]

How to Quiet a Noisy Office

soundproofing office Ceiling Noise Blokker

Office drop ceilings are extremely common in the workplace. From large call centers to modern design firms, the majority of workspaces have built-in acoustical ceilings, or drop ceilings, which oftentimes lead to acoustical noise issues. If you’ve ever worked in this type of environment, you understand how easy it is to become distracted by the […]

Commercial Acoustics – The Soundproofing Industry Leaders

commercial acoustics soundproofing and acoustics industry leader

Premium Acoustics and sound blocking doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We bring together a team with over 30 years of combined acoustical experience to offer a premium selection of acoustical products and services that are guaranteed to solve your acoustical issues, today! We’ve hand-selected Acoustical Products that we’ve used with contractors and clients […]

Fixing Acoustics In Your Business

Office Soundproofing

Quality acoustics within your business is crucial for a highly productive, stress-free and engaging workplace. We’ve solved just about every noise issue out there, and can help you to transform your space into the most constructive environment possible. Our acoustical products bring privacy and create a distraction-free workplace. Many companies over-complicate what you need to […]

Soundproofing Office – National Association of Home Builders

NAHB office soundproofing

Office Soundproofing Case Study Situation: The corporate headquarters for The National Association of Home Builders, NAHB, requested a soundproofing consultation with our firm regarding a renovation of a noisy corner office to transform it into a quiet media room for broadcasting. Located in the busy downtown district of Washington, D.C., the location of this project […]