How to Quiet a Noisy Office – Drop Ceiling

Ceiling Noise Blokker

Office drop ceilings are extremely common in the workplace. From large call centers to modern design firms, the majority of workspaces have built-in acoustical ceilings, or drop ceilings, which oftentimes lead to acoustical noise issues. If you’ve ever worked in this type of environment, you understand how easy it is to become distracted by the conversations of others or to have your own conversation overheard.

Creating a quiet office is a key to better work performance and improving the well-being and stress level of employees. According to U.S. General Services Administration “Acoustical comfort is achieved when the workplace provides appropriate acoustical support for interaction, confidentiality, and concentrative work.” One of the primary flanking paths we see is when the office wall does not extend to the true slab above, and the sound simply travels up through ACT (Acoustical Ceiling Tiles) and over the drywall, and then back down on the other side.

To prevent this flanking, you need to either extend the wall up, or add a sound-blocking membrane on top of the ceiling tile, such as our patented DropCeiling Blokker. This product increases the absorption of the drop ceiling, while also adding a mass-loaded barrier that reflects sound back downward.

If you are budget-conscious, then simply adding 3/8″ drywall cutouts will block additional noise, but without the absorption characteristics, the reverberation in the space below may suffer.

Regardless of which option you choose, knowing the flanking path is the first step toward a solution.

Commercial Acoustics – The Soundproofing Industry Leaders


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Fixing Acoustics In Your Business

Office Soundproofing

Quality acoustics within your business is crucial for a highly productive, stress-free and engaging workplace. We’ve solved just about every noise issue out there, and can help you to transform your space into the most constructive environment possible. Our acoustical products bring privacy and create a distraction-free workplace.

Many companies GREATLY over-complicate what you need to fix your acoustic issues. We are not in the business of world-class auditoriums and theaters, but if you’ve got unwanted noise in your office or workspace we’re here to solve your problem.

All of our products are in the Premium class of acoustical solutions, whether it’s baffles, diffusion or absorption panels, sound-blocking material, or white noise options. You can purchase cheap foams and panels that are marketed as a blanket solution, but our products are sold only through our distribution network, precluding the inclusion of low-quality products that will not solve your issues. When dealing with sound there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We want you to avoid purchasing overly expensive or ineffective products by giving you a direct line to our team of talented Acoustical Consultants to answer your questions, or you can access our Product Selector Tool right here on our website. These two options allow you to quickly eliminate what products will not be effective for your space and to easily find what will work for you.

Fixing acoustics in your business is our specialty. 

Many companies focus on just delivering you a product and hoping you can figure out how to install it, while others schedule an appointment and bill you by the hour to tell you all the problems you already know about. At Commercial Acoustics, we’ve found that most customers need both insight and advice on how to solve their problems, as well as pre-made solutions that are ready to deploy.

We guarantee we will meet your soundproofing needs. Commercial Acoustics delivers superior service and results. Call us today!

Soundproofing Office – National Association of Home Builders

National Association of Home Builders – Soundproofing Case Study

Situation: The corporate headquarters for The National Association of Home Builders, NAHB, requested a soundproofing consultation with our firm regarding a renovation of a noisy corner office to transform it into a quiet media room for broadcasting. Located in the busy downtown district of Washington, D.C., the location of this project was a corner office, experiencing both incoming traffic sounds as well as airborne noise transfer through a large wall adjacent to a busy stairwell, hallway and constant disruptive conversation.NAHB floor plan

Solution: Due to the method of sound transfer and frequency of sound waves entering the media room we decided to focus primarily on wall and window noise mitigation. We dismissed the need for drop ceiling soundproofing, as flanking sound transmission (noise going up, over and down into the room from the ceiling cavity) was not an issue in this space. In many offices flanking noise would be a major concern, but the wall actually extended to the true slab ceiling, even above the drop-ceiling, greatly mitigating this factor.NAHB project

First, over the main wall area we installed our Floor Blokker Pro2 wall underlayment over the existing drywall to reduce airborne and impact noise by up to 75%. This material decision was due to our need to both block and decouple sound waves effectively while avoiding large scale inner wall reconstruction. During our initial consolation we discussed pairing the Floor Blokker Pro2 with our DecoupleLink system, to further decrease the impact noise and vibrations from entering the media room. Due to the location of the doorway on the main wall the DecoupleLink Decoupling rails would’ve caused unevenness between the new walls and door opening, not allowing them to be flush with one another. Traditionally if needed, we would build a custom doorframe for an aesthetic finished product in this scenario, but after calculating the STC rating of the media room with our proposed materials and modifications we decided against the DecoupleLink layer altogether. Instead we came in under budget with similar noise mitigation results, choosing to layer the Floor Blokker Pro2 with a 5/8th inch thick acoustical gypsum board.


NAHB project1The large window openings in the space required sound blocking curtain panels to prevent traffic sounds from entering and disrupting workflow and concentration. We installed sound blocking AcoustiTrac™ curtains over all windows. In the design phase we decided to overlap each curtain panel slightly to form one solid noise barrier; this ensures no sound leaks in and around the edges. The thickness and inner core of these curtains also insulate the space to combat the heating and cooling costs, which were a consideration to this tenant.


As a result of our acoustical consultation and implementation, the NAHB is now able to begin recording media in their facility without the constant background noise disrupting their recording sessions.