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Soundproofing & Acoustic Specifications

We have a special relationship with architects, since they are often selected to lead the design outlining Room Acoustics (NRC room finishes, reverberation times) and acceptable Sound Transmission Ratings (STC, IIC). The ratings you need may change significantly based on the project’s geometry and expected use.

Use our Architectural Acoustics resources below to determine your product specifications, including; sound ratings in numerous assemblies, thickness, UL classifications, and all ASTM/ISO specifications.


Product Selector: Provide your assembly and expected use to determine the specs you need

STC Calculator: Calculate the STC of your partition based on stud type, size, spacing, and drywall/insulation layers

Acoustic Calculator: Calculate the Reverberation Time of your space based on geometry and finishes

Acoustic Lab Test Data: Review Lab Test and Data Sheets data for each our products


Request Additional Soundproofing & Acoustic Specs

If you need additional BIM Models, Specs, Data Sheets or Test Data, enter your project details below and an Acoustic Specialist will reach out to you.


Architectural Acoustics
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Architectural Acoustics
A detailed review of Architectural Acoustics from the perspective of an Acoustical Engineer, we provide tools and resources for Architects and Contractors to meet their acoustical requirements.