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Clubhouse Acoustical Ceiling Panels

When Waterway East Condominium underwent a renovation of their clubhouse, the transition from carpeted flooring to a more modern Luxury Vinyl Tile increased the sound intensity during gatherings and events which became problematic for residents. Commercial Acoustics was then approached to design and install a cost-effective solution. Understanding the absorption coefficients of the room finishes […]

Certified Lencore Sound Masking Installer

lencore sound masking

Commercial Acoustics has been certified as a Lencore Sound Masking system installer. As an acoustic consulting firm, our engineers and technicians are trained in designing sound masking systems and other acoustic treatments. By combining both design and installation capabilities under one roof, Commercial Acoustics is able to control the performance of the sound masking system. […]

Guideline: When You Need Sound Absorbing Panels

Absorption Panels

There are a wide range of building uses that suffer from excessive reverberation issues. These both decrease the usability and speech comfort of the space, as well as reduce productivity. Certain spaces, such as restaurants and worship centers, require acoustic treatment to allow intelligible speech, and without it, may cause significant loss of business and […]

When to Hire an Acoustic Consultant

acoustic consultant

Every project is unique. Even if there are acoustical requirements, certainly many projects will not require the detailed review of an acoustic consultant. However, not using a consultant can be more costly than hiring one, especially if there are noise complaints and post-tenant modifications or retrofits needed to fix these issues. Learn when hiring an […]