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Commercial Acoustics Soundproofs Hotel in Orlando

Hotel Soundproofing

Hotel Soundproofing Case Study with Wall Blokker Pro on Wood Studs Commercial Acoustics has been contracted by Winter Park Construction to supply and install over 60,000 square feet of soundproofing in the new La Quinta construction project in Orlando, Florida. The 4 story signature hotel, designed by L2 Studios, initially called for Soundbreak Board, a […]

Wall Blokker – Ideal Soundproofing Solution to Achieve STC 50+

wall blokker lite

With so many STC-rated assemblies out on the marketplace, what makes the Wall Blokker soundproofing membrane so unique? Architects, contractors and owners face the issue every day on how to cost-effectively soundproofing their walls and floors. Commercial Acoustics is revolutionizing the soundproofing industry by providing a new EVA polymer-based membrane that hangs quickly and easily […]

Commercial Acoustics Expands to New Manufacturing Facility to Accommodate Continued Growth

Commercial Soundproofing Warehouse 2

Firm Specializes in Soundproofing, Acoustic Treatment, and Sound Masking Projects – Expands to 12,000 Square Foot Manufacturing Plant Tampa – Commercial Acoustics, soundproofing company and developer of the award-winning Wall Blokker, today announced the move of its headquarters to 6122 Benjamin Road, Tampa, FL 33634 near the Tampa International Airport. After 5 years of growth […]

How Sound Masking Works

sound masking components

When faced with an acoustical problem such as a noisy office, oftentimes the root cause is overlooked. Modern office design and architecture places a premium on open floor plans and collaborative workspaces which lack the ubiquitous partition walls, carpets, and even the acoustical ceiling tiles that we’ve all become accustomed to seeing. As a result, […]