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Determine Target IICs

Your IIC Rating, or Impact Insulation Class, is a major factor in how much sound tenants will hear directly below a floor-ceiling assembly. The rating is determined by using a tapping machine on an existing assembly, and measuring the amount of sound that comes through below. This test measures structure-borne, or vibrational sound – the […]

STC Ratings for Load Bearing Walls

STC Ratings on Heavy Gauges

STC Ratings for Walls One of the ultimate trade-offs in wall design is structural load versus STC ratings. It’s a relatively straight-forward proposition to achieve an STC 50 on a 25-gauge stud wall, but if the wall requires shear strength or structural load capacity, then the gauge size and spacing become a major hindrance. For […]

Treating Restaurant Acoustics with Fabric Wall System

Fins Restaurant in Venice, FL was dealing with excessive noise complaints from their patrons. This high-end restaurant in Sarasota has an amazing view overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and is surrounded by boutiques and other fine dining establishments. However, the noise issues were still significant, even after the restaurant had acoustic panels installed last year. […]

Commercial Acoustics – Office Space Sound Privacy Solution

Commercial Acoustics lends hand on office privacy issue

A corporate office client in Tampa FL was experiencing conversation sound transfer in their closed offices. The offices were designed with a proprietary modular wall system (STC range 31 – 48) and Armstrong Calla ceiling tiles (CAC 35) with a Lencore sound masking system is in place. Prior to determining what modifications needed to be […]