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Acoustic Furniture

Many products described as Acoustic furniture promise to give acoustical treatment to open offices. These products imply they can isolate sound, reduce, and absorb noise without the necessity of walls and ceilings. There is a possibility that the word “acoustic” is added to the description of this item as a selling point instead of a proven fact to […]

How much absorption does your room need?

We performed a case study in the Commercial Acoustics conference/office room to calculate how much absorption does a room need. The room in which the experiment was performed in is a square drywall space with flat walls and flat ceiling that has a high reverberation. The more absorption a room has the lower the reverberation is; […]

What is the Acoustic Absorption Coefficient?

There is a way to quantify how much sound is reflected in a room by using a metric called the absorption coefficient. In a nutshell, an Absorption Coefficient is a measure of how much sound is absorbed, and NOT reflected. The absorption coefficient ranges between zero and one, one meaning no sound energy is reflected […]

Commercial Acoustics Provides Custom Soundproofing for Local New Orleans Landmark

Commercial Acoustics Provides Custom Soundproofing for Local New Orleans Landmark

A little over a year ago, the Sazerac Company broke ground on construction for the Sazerac House – a new cocktail and liquor museum located at 500 Canal St in the heart of downtown New Orleans. Known to New Orleans natives as the inventor of the city’s flagship cocktail, the Sazerac Company has been in […]

Understanding & Determining STC Ratings

Basic Overview of STC Ratings Acoustical consultants are able to provide developers with valuable information regarding a structure’s noise reduction abilities, but have you ever wondered what rating systems they use or how those systems work? Keep reading for a basic run-down on the workings of the currently used STC system for the next time one […]