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Conference Room Acoustics – Case Study

Of all the office acoustical issues that we address on a weekly basis, one of the most common issues is excessive reverb in conference rooms. This happens most commonly in conference rooms because they’re larger, and generally have hard, reflective surfaces. Conference Room Acoustics can be treated with acoustic panels, fabric-stretched wall systems, or other […]

Reduce Flanking Noise in Your Walls

Reduce Flanking noise in your walls

Flanking is a term used in the acoustic industry by engineers to describe how sound transmits between spaces indirectly going over or around rather than directly through the main separating element.  Flanking prohibits sound isolation to be possibly causing this to be a difficulty for multi-family housing or even decreasing privacy for single-family homes. To […]

Increase STC of Single-Stud Walls

Increase the STC of Walls

One of the most difficult challenges many architects face is to provide a satisfactory wall assembly without taking up too much space. There are a number of considerations, including thermal, structural, and aesthetic, among others. However, one of the most difficult attributes to add to a wall is Increasing the STC (Sound Transmission Class) in […]

Home Theater Acoustics – Case Study

stretched fabric acoustic system

A high-end movie theater was being constructed into a custom home in Clearwater, FL. While the Audio-Visual components of the system were already contracted, the GC was also looking for an acoustic specialist to provide acoustical treatment in the room. With years of experience in home theater acoustics, we were able to fabrication and install […]

Clubhouse Acoustics Treatment

Clubhouses are a common client at Commercial Acoustics, due to the standard clubhouse footprint design – high, tapered ceilings with reflective walls and floors. Whether used for community mixers, dances, bingo, or simply gathering spaces, Clubhouse acoustics must be adequately addressed we acoustic treatment to ensure that the space achieves maximum usability for a plethora […]

Classroom Acoustics – Case Study

One of Tampa’s most prestigious prep schools has recently undergone a new addition of early-childhood focused education facility. This facility, designed to meet the most stringent educational and acoustical standards (via ANSI S12), needed significant soundproofing options between adjacent classrooms, classroom-corridor partitions, and around mechanical spaces. School Acoustical Design The General Contractor, consulted with Siebein […]

Dance Studio Soundproofing – Case Study

Dance Studio IIC Testing

Dance Studio Soundproofing An architectural firm in South Florida recently contacted Commercial Acoustics due to potential sound transfer issues from a second-floor dance studio located within a commercial structure. This is a very common issue that businesses, unfortunately, tend to find out after the building has already been put in place. It’s an even bigger […]