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Cinepolis Hamlin – Cinema Soundproofing Case Study

Movie theaters have a particular type of challenge when it comes to soundproofing and acoustics. The biggest issue many theaters face is low-frequency sounds penetrating through auditorium walls and disturbing guests. This is especially true in luxury cinemas where guest comfort and sound privacy is of the utmost importance for repeat business and satisfied online […]

Yeoman’s Cask & Lion Restaurant Acoustic Panels

yeomans acoutic ceiling panels

Restaurant Echo Problem One problem many restaurants face is too much reverberation in their space, especially when there are live music performances or it’s a packed house during sporting events. Unlike office space or classrooms that have plush furniture and carpeting to help absorb sound waves, restaurants are filled with hard, reflective surfaces that cause […]

Soundproofing 101: Basics of Acoustics and Sound Attenuation

architectural acoustics

When dealing with sound problems in various industries, there are numerous factors to consider. What kind of noise problem are you facing? What kind of product will be an effective solution to that problem? What common sound issues are other businesses in the same industry facing so that you can be proactive about handling them? […]

Commercial Acoustics Expands to New Orleans

new orleans acoustics

After completing several acoustical projects in New Orleans and identifying the significant need for soundproofing services there, Commercial Acoustics is excited to announce that we have brought a full-time presence to New Orleans, Louisiana. See Details: Soundproofing the Sazerac Museum on Canal Street (New Orleans) Commercial Acoustics is an acoustical engineering company founded in 2013 that […]