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Tips for Dealing With Noisy Neighbors in Your Apartment

apartment soundproofing

While apartment style living has many perks, noise disturbances can be a major disadvantage. When all that separates you from your neighbor is a thin wall, sound transfer can become a major issue. Keep reading for tips on how to deal with noisy neighbors in your complex. Apartment Soundproofing Options During new construction, there may […]

GrabAds Acoustic Panel Treatment – Case Study

Absorption Panels on Ceiling GrabAds

GrabAds is a local digital media marketing company that recently built out a new custom workspace. However, the acoustics in the room were not previously addressed when designing the space. The Echo Problem All of the surfaces in the work space were sealed, causing sound to reflect back into the room. This problem created so […]

Armature Works – A Soundproofing Retrofit Case Study

Soundproofing Armature Works

Armature Works is a completely restored, mixed-use building in the historic Tampa Heights neighborhood along the Hillsborough River. Opening late 2017, the space will feature eateries, a public market, event spaces, and co-working space. An event space on the second level of the building that was already open for use was experiencing noise disturbances coming […]