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Noise Reduction in Factories

Noise reduction in factory

Factories are one of the loudest working environments due to the excess noise created by running machinery. Keep reading for tips on how to reduce noise in your factory and create a more productive work space. Learn More About Commercial Acoustics’ Sound Testing Solutions Industrial Noise Treatment Options Sound Absorbing Wall Treatments When high-noise machines […]

Open Plan Offices vs. Closed Plan Offices

closed office plan with acoustic treatment for speech privacy

Though there are many distractions in the workplace, one of the most commonly noted is noise. Excessive background noise from coworkers typing, chatting, or talking on the phone can distract others from their work, making them less productive. To combat this issue, many offices have begun to consider speech privacy, and have looked for ways […]

ULI Developer Modular Construction Soundproofing

chicago acoustical testing

A large, ULI awarded developer in Chicago, IL was considering a switch to panelized light gauge framing for developments between five and thirteen stories high. Before making this change, the developer wanted to run some acoustical tests. As with many developers, the potential cost savings for modular construction are particularly attractive. Since much of the […]

Understanding Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Excessive noise levels in the workplace have put millions of employees at risk of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), making it one of the top occupational illnesses in the United States. Employers can protect their employees from sound-related hazards by following all noise-regulation laws and installing proper soundproofing to minimize noise at the source. To measure […]

Next-Generation MLV: Mass Loaded Vinyl’s Potential Applications

Soundproof Media Room

While Mass Loaded Vinyl has been a dependable and competitive product to improve STC in industrial settings for decades, there has been little improvement in the product itself in recent years. As we’ve discussed before, Mass Loaded Vinyl is a PVC-based product that adds a cheap filler, usually Calcium Carbonate or Barium Sulfate, to provide […]

Resolve Noise Complaints Easily with Apt. App

Commercial Acoustics partners with Apt. App to work on soundproofing solutions

A growing number of people are finding that apartment communities are the ideal fit for their lifestyles. While there are innumerable benefits to apartment-style living, there are also some major drawbacks. Most notably, noise. Dealing with noisy neighbors becomes a much greater struggle when living in such close proximity. With nothing but a thin wall […]

Acoustic Sound Panels in Naples Flatbread

commercial acoustics absorption panels naples flatbread

Restaurant Acoustic Treatment with Large Commercial Acoustic Panels Naples Flatbread, a modern restaurant serving up artisanal flatbreads, recently discovered they were suffering from a sound problem. In addition to their restaurant services, the trendy location is equipped with a stage and offers live music to guests as they dine. Nearly all restaurants experience some type […]

Isolating Vibrating Machinery

Commercial Acoustics Isolating Vibrating Machinery

From factories to schools to offices, nearly all buildings contain some type of mechanical equipment. While necessary to keep operations running smoothly, mechanical equipment tends to generate a lot of excess noise. These types of machines vibrate as they operate, creating a type of noise that can be both heard and felt by building occupants. […]

Understanding Speech Privacy

soundproofing and sound masking for open offices

What is Speech Privacy? Speech Privacy can be defined as the inability of an outside listener to understand a conversation between two or more separate individuals. Effective speech privacy is an essential aspect of any office as it allows employees to: Conduct confidential conversations without being overheard Ignore distracting conversations Understand in-person and phone conversations […]

Hotel Soundproofing – Hyatt Clearwater

Commercial Acoustics Hyatt Condo Soundproofing

The Hyatt Condo in Clearwater, Florida needed help soundproofing their ceiling on the penthouse floor. Directly above, dozens of patrons used the rooftop bar at night and during the weekends. While the penthouse suite affords the best views in the hotel, it is also the closest to the nightlife noise, and therefore often in need […]