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Auditorium Acoustics: 8 Factors to Consider

auditorium acoustics

Have you ever attended a lecture or a play in an auditorium and barely been able to make out what the speaker was saying? Chances are the problem was poor acoustics. Next time you design, build, or review an auditorium, make sure to consider these 8 key factors that affect the acoustic performance and environment in […]

Sofwerx Sound Masking and Acoustics in Tampa

commercial acoustics sofwerx absorption

Sofwerx was a Joint Venture between the Department of Defense and a local non-profit known as the Doolittle Institute. The focus is to develop a training and strategy group that could provide counter-UAV support for our troops. Sound Masking in a Converted Warehouse The team was faced with an extremely aggressive task of converting an […]

Classroom Noise Distracts Students

classroom acoustics

Classrooms, especially grade school classrooms, are notoriously loud. We tend to credit the noise to students giggling with their friends and playing with their iPhones under their desks, but they may not be entirely to blame when it comes to tumultuous classrooms. Think back to the last classroom you were in. What did it look like? […]