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Soundproofing Walls and Ceilings in Your Gym

soundproofing for gyms commercial acoustics

From SoulCycle to Barre to Zumba, it seems like there’s a new workout craze every week these days, and with all these fitness classes come new gyms on every corner. Blaring music, loud equipment and stamping feet may pump you up while you work out but for the daycare center and office building next door, […]

Understanding Expected IIC and STC of Assemblies in Florida Apartment

Case Study: STC Ratings in Apartment Complex The following case study was completed for an architecture firm in Central Florida in early 2017. The intent was to review STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings of standard wall assemblies that were being designed and specified by the internal architect. While the assemblies were expected to achieve STC […]

Cancer Treatment and Research Center Acoustics

soundproofing and acoustical treatment for medical centers

A cancer treatment and research center is undergoing a renovation to replace wood flooring with terrazzo. The reverberation in this space has already raised some complaints, and the more reflective floor covering is expected to create more. These issues are most noticeable during events hosted in the atrium with amplified loud speakers. Moffitt Hospital Acoustic […]