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Condo Soundproofing in St Petersburg

multifamily soundproofing florida

When developing luxury hotel and condo units, sound transmission and privacy are a top concern. Condo owners have a reasonable expectation of privacy and near-silence, and this expectation increases as the cost of the unit does as well. Soundproofing the condo ceilings, walls, and floors contribute to an acceptable acoustic environment to the end owner. […]

Stadium Soundproofing in Atlanta, Georgia

Falcons Stadium soundproofing

Commercial Acoustics works with a variety of entertainment venues and sporting arenas nationwide, most recently assisting the Atlanta Falcon’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium in their stunning $1.5 billion stadium (complete with solar panels, fan plaza and retractable roof). Since stadiums and entertainment projects typically generate large amounts of noise, it’s often expected that they would require an […]

Marchman Technical College Acoustic Baffle Treatment

acoustical treatment for school cafeteria

Noise control, acoustics and sound privacy within educational settings are imperative. During the design process, target STC’s for walls should be discussed and mandated by the architect, but oftentimes topical acoustical treatment for larger spaces is held until after construction is complete. By treating excessive reverberation, you can achieve ideal educational acoustics without requiring after-market […]

Luxury Timeshare Soundproofing in Orlando

soundproofing luxury apartments

Acoustic Testing for Apartments Testing and analysis were performed for a luxury timeshare in Orlando, 2 walls were tested: The wall between units 209A and 210A and the wall between 211A and 212A. Both tests were performed late in the afternoon, around 5PM, when the construction on the adjacent job site was sufficiently low, but […]

Target Reverberation Time

Optimal Reverberation Time

How Loud Should My Restaurant Be? A common question we get at Commercial Acoustics is “How Loud Should my space be”? Some restaurant managers prefer a “lively” space, while others desire a more “intimate” setting. While there is a fair amount of preference and subjectivity with these considerations, there is also a scientific approach. You […]

Sarasota Aerospace Office Soundproofing

soundproofing consulting aerospace

Commercial Acoustics performed acoustic testing and analysis for a property manager working for a commercial property. One of their commercial tenants, an aerospace center at the property had concerns about sound attenuation between adjacent tenant units. Two adjacent legal firms, with very low background noise in their offices, could occasionally hear muffled conversations being held in the office […]

Orlando Condo Soundproofing

commercial acoustics condo soundproofing

The Cayman Condominiums were undergoing a renovation, its first in 20 years. While the existing structure and design were acceptable from an aesthetic and functional perspective, the contractor felt that they needed to address the one major complaint they were receiving – noise. The Orlando-based condo required soundproofing expertise to ensure that the STC performance […]

Tampa Office Acoustics

commercial acoustics office soundproofing

An open office area was struggling with reverberation in their space and called Commercial Acoustics to help. We visited and found that unlike most open offices, that have issues with sound masking and speech privacy, this office setting did truly have unwanted echo in the space. This was due to a thin carpet, corrugated metal […]

Tropical Smoothie Acoustic Art Panel

sound treatment acoustical artwork

As with many restaurants, Tropical Smoothie was suffering unwanted reverberation due to hard surfaces in their kitchen and dining area. Commercial Acoustics came on site and performed a reverberation test, then implemented a unique solution that improved their acoustics and aesthetics; a custom-printed absorption panel. The printing is done on acoustically-transparent fabric that allows the […]

Office Vibrational Testing

office space vibration testing

Below find an excerpt of a Consulting Case Study in which Commercial Acoustics provided Acoustic Consulting Services to a commercial client to identify and mitigate vibration issues in their concrete slab. Vibrational Testing Scope of Work: A property management firm has encountered complaints regarding structural vibrations in one of its commercial office properties in Lake […]