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Museum Acoustics

Acoustic Ceiling Cloud commercial acoustics

Commercial Acoustics recently treated a small art museum in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida. The facility was moving from bamboo flooring to polished concrete, and the facility manager had concern for an increase in noise level (for a room that was already relatively loud). They host parties and gatherings as well, which leads to […]

Soundproofing a Home Media Room

Soundproof Media Room

A common request we get is to soundproof sensitive areas of homes, from production houses to luxury abodes. The most sensitive areas tend to be Home Theaters, Master Bedrooms, and Home Offices. In the case of a recent custom luxury home in Tampa, off of Westshore Boulevard, there was a client with standard 2”x4” stud […]

Commercial Acoustics – Florida Companies to Watch Finalist

commercial acoustics florida

Commercial Acoustics has developed as an independent division of the Residential Acoustics soundproofing firm. Started just 3 years ago on the kitchen floor of a noisy apartment, the company began focusing on soundproofing curtains. After prototypes and patents were completed on a shoestring budget, they brought the curtains to market and haven’t looked back. However, […]

Demo of STC Ratings of Walls

Master Bedroom Soundproofing

While 1/2″ drywall is cost-effective, it often leads to marginalized sound attenuation in homes. Fiberglass batting and mineral may yield minimal increases, but they are primarily designed for thermal insulation, and do not have stand-alone STC ratings. For cost-effective soundproofing at home, soundproofing membranes and panels can offer a solution that meets your clients’ needs without exceeding […]

How to Soundproof a Home Theater

soundproofing luxury home theater

Soundproofing a theater or other residential space is highly dependent on the expectations and requirements of the client. Two common areas that require additional soundproofing in many homes include the media room, primary lounge space, as well as an in-home office. Some clients also prefer soundproofing for their master bedrooms and other spaces throughout the […]