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Reduce Hospital Noise Complaints

soundproofing for hospitals

Hospitals are filled with noise; noise from patients and visitors, doctors and nurses, technologies and machines. The list goes on as to what creates noise in a hospital environment, but the ‘one-size-fits-all’ design does not take into account how these noises affect patients as well as staff. Furthermore, doctors are often prescribing plenty of rest […]

Commercial Acoustics Hosts Networking Happy Hour

commercial acoustics happy hour

Commercial Acoustics hosted a Happy Hour at Coppertail Brewery to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of our newest soundproofing division, and to highlight a number of successes over the past 12 months, including: Closed Funding: We closed a growth equity round with Baldwin Beach Capital which has allowed us to expand into new markets in numerous […]

Soundproofing a Commercial Partition

Commercial Acoustics recently encountered a project where a commercial tenant was having issues with sound transmission from a tenant next door. The primary tenant was an automotive parts distributor, while the adjacent tenant taught karate classes. The “shrieks” from the kid’s classes came straight through the 2×4 stud walls, and were becoming a bigger issue […]

Using Absorption for Noise Reduction (NR)

acoustics dB-reduction

I approach this article with caution, due to the vast amount of misinformation and confusion between the concepts of absorption and sound-blocking. At Commercial Acoustics, we begin each of our architectural courses with a strong distinction between these pillars of the acoustical world, and even with our architect clients, there is typically still 1-2 attendees […]

Resilient Channel – Best Uses and Worst Mistakes

soundproofing resilient channel

Resilient Channels, sometimes abbreviated as RC, are some of the most common components installed on projects requiring additional soundproofing (higher STC ratings). While they provide a significant improvement in decoupling the structure-borne noise in walls, they should not be seen as a panacea for all noise issues. Over the past 20 years, in both industrial […]

How Much Sound Absorption Do I Need?

Acoustic Panels commercial acoustics

At Commercial Acoustics, we approach every new absorption project with the same mindset – determine how much absorption is needed, then provide it in a cost-effective and timely manner. There are a few characteristics that typically demand some type of acoustic treatments – high vaulted ceilings, smooth walls, and no plush materials such as carpets […]

Common Absorption Coefficients for Acoustical Treatments

Multi-Surface Acoustical Coefficient Smooth Concrete – Unpainted 0.2 Smooth Concrete – Painted 0.05 Wood 0.15 Rubber 0.05 Plywood 0.25 Walls – Acoustical Coefficient CMU – Unpainted 0.35 CMU – Painted 0.05 Brick – Unpainted 0.05 Brick – Painted 0.025 Steel – Structural 0.1 Plaster 0.05 Gypsum 0.1 Glass 0.05 Flooring – Acoustical Coefficient Linoleum 0.05 […]

How to Quiet a Noisy Office – Drop Ceiling

soundproofing office Ceiling Noise Blokker

Office drop ceilings are extremely common in the workplace. From large call centers to modern design firms, the majority of workspaces have built-in acoustical ceilings, or drop ceilings, which oftentimes lead to acoustical noise issues. If you’ve ever worked in this type of environment, you understand how easy it is to become distracted by the […]