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Premium Acoustics and sound blocking doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We bring together a team with over 30 years of combined acoustical experience to offer a premium selection of acoustical products and services that are guaranteed to solve your acoustical issues, today!

We’ve hand-selected Acoustical Products that we’ve used with contractors and clients and that we stand by. We’ve paired all products with detailed data sheets and step-by-step installation instructions to ensure that your unique acoustical issues are addressed and solved. Whether you’re a DIY’er, homeowner, architect, contractor or maybe just searching for noise relief – we have the answers and products to assist you.

So what makes Commercial Acoustics today’s top soundproofing leader?

  • Every one of our products is made in America and rigorously tested to perform at the highest acoustical level so you can be confident in finding a solution that works!
  • Our deep technical knowledge and relevant hands-on experience with acoustical products in all project types and sizes.
  • Our exclusive Acoustic Selection algorithm, tailored to your requirements and budget allows customers to filter product selection via our Product Selector Tool. Stop guessing or purchasing a blanket solution.
  • Personalized project management and unparalleled customer service and support.
  • No need to wait for quotes – each of our products is priced and ready to ship within hours or days.
  • Ability to manufacture and customize in house! Our state of the art factory is designed and outfitted to only manufacture premium acoustical products. If your project requires tailoring or a unique solution, Commercial Acoustics is your one-stop shop.

The extent of our knowledge, services and products greatly separates us from other soundproofing companies out there, and we want to show you why. Tell us about your project today! We will guide you through the process of finally attaining the peace and quiet you deserve.


Fixing Acoustics In Your Business

Office Soundproofing

Quality acoustics within your business is crucial for a highly productive, stress-free and engaging workplace. We’ve solved just about every noise issue out there, and can help you to transform your space into the most constructive environment possible. Our acoustical products bring privacy and create a distraction-free workplace.

Many companies GREATLY over-complicate what you need to fix your acoustic issues. We are not in the business of world-class auditoriums and theaters, but if you’ve got unwanted noise in your office or workspace we’re here to solve your problem.

All of our products are in the Premium class of acoustical solutions, whether it’s baffles, diffusion or absorption panels, sound-blocking material, or white noise options. You can purchase cheap foams and panels that are marketed as a blanket solution, but our products are sold only through our distribution network, precluding the inclusion of low-quality products that will not solve your issues. When dealing with sound there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We want you to avoid purchasing overly expensive or ineffective products by giving you a direct line to our team of talented Acoustical Consultants to answer your questions, or you can access our Product Selector Tool right here on our website. These two options allow you to quickly eliminate what products will not be effective for your space and to easily find what will work for you.

Fixing acoustics in your business is our specialty 

Many companies focus on just delivering you a product and hoping you can figure out how to install it, while others schedule an appointment and bill you by the hour to tell you all the problems you already know about. At Commercial Acoustics, we’ve found that most customers need both insight and advice on how to solve their problems, as well as pre-made solutions that are ready to deploy.

We guarantee we will meet your soundproofing needs. Commercial Acoustics delivers superior service and results. Call us today!

Acoustical Questions?

Are You A Contractor With Acoustical Questions?

Commercial Acoustics is the one stop shop for quality soundproofing products and experienced consultant advice for all project types. If you’re a contractor, business owner or DIY’er sometimes all it takes is a 5 minute consultation with us to become an expert on the products that will work well for your specific needs, why they’ll work, how they’re installed and what to do next.

Our team is experienced, accredited, field tested and excited to assist you in the planning of your next project. Since the science of sound is what we love, studying and remaining current on the soundproofing options in the marketplace for every noise scenario is critical to our success. We vet new technologies and materials daily, using them on personal projects or in our testing facility to make sure what we recommend to you is exactly what you need.

All sound is not created equal. The same can be said for soundproofing companies.

We’ve been the go-to source for contractors nationwide, supplying them with the knowledge and products that lead to impressive results. Let us help you too! Contact us today.