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Soundproofing Office – National Association of Home Builders

NAHB office soundproofing

Office Soundproofing Case Study Situation: The corporate headquarters for The National Association of Home Builders, NAHB, requested a soundproofing consultation with our firm regarding a renovation of a noisy corner office to transform it into a quiet media room for broadcasting. Located in the busy downtown district of Washington, D.C., the location of this project […]

Choosing the Right Acoustical Materials for your Project

Acoustic Materials

We have dedicated years of our acoustical consulting careers to helping clients and end customers find the perfect acoustic solutions to their problems. One of the main issues that often arises is the need to clarify exactly what the best case scenario is for the customer. Simply wanting to “get it fixed” can quickly lead […]

Acoustical Contractor Supply

Acoustical Contractors

We know how hard it can be to find the right materials for an acoustical or soundproofing project. Whether it’s sound barrier material for a home theater system, or acoustical panels for a gym or other large project, finding the right material on budget and on time is critical. Commercial Acoustics prides itself in being […]

How to Soundproof a Noisy Office

Commercial Acoustics office soundproofing

Noisy Offices are a Major Distractor – For Clients and Employees In modern offices, the main source of noise from office to office, or adjacent rooms, is often through the drop-ceiling. These drop-ceiling tiles are specifically designed to minimize cost and provide an aesthetic background, but not to block sound traveling through them. In fact, […]

Commercial Acoustics – Offering Custom Acoustic Solutions

custom acoustic solutions

We’re pleased to finally unveil our newest website, the services and solutions branch of our parent company Residential Acoustics, the makers of the AcousticCurtain and AcoustiTrac, soundproofing window solutions. Commercial Acoustics – Commercial Soundproofing Solutions We’ve become more and more familiar with the issues facing people everyday, as we’ve taken on projects to support those […]