Soundproofing Calculator

Wall Partitions are the #1 sound-blocking barrier between adjacent offices, dwelling units, and other habitable spaces. They range from “paper-thin” to those we design for world-class studios and theaters. Ultimately, the goal is to block as much sound as you need in the most cost-effective way possible. Below, find our proprietary tool to determine how much sound your wall will block

Your Wall Assembly has an STC Rating of: 34.00

You are -16.00 above the building code

International Building Code requires 50 STC between adjacent dwelling units. Although that’ll help you meet code, it doesn’t mean it’s sufficient to block out the noise tenants expect. There are a number of other building codes with stricter regulations, including the National Association of Home Builders, which requires an STC of 60. Target STCs for classrooms and traditional commercial space is 40-45, while doctor’s offices and DoD installations with HIPAA or classified information may require 55 or higher. For a list of target STCs check below.