LowBlokk Door Seal

The LowBlokk Door Seal will create a tight fit around the perimeter of any door, reducing sound transfer. It will also increase the thermal performance of any door by reducing airflow.

CA LowBlokk Door Seal

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Commercial Acoustics LowBlokk Door Seal reduces sound transfer through doors by forming a tight fit around the perimeter of new or existing doors.

The silicone seal is durable, long lasting and has superior acoustic performance while remaining flexible in a variety of temperatures.

Install Time: ~30 minutes

Product Specifications:

LowBlokk Door Seal: fits 28″ to 36″ wide x 86″ door

LowBlokk Adjustable Door Seal: fits 32″ to 36″ wide x 86″ door


LowBlokk Door Seal, LowBlokk Adjustable Door Seal


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