Fence Blokker

Technical Specs

Commercial Acoustics Fence Blokker is a specially designed mass loaded vinyl sound attenuation material that can be easily attached to nearly all types of fencing, grating, or construction barriers. Fence Blokker is one of the most effective first steps in reducing noise for industrial, commercial and residential projects, working to improve your quality of life and increase your privacy.

This product is engineered to block and deflect the transmission of sound waves in an open environment. Sound Barrier is a cost effective noise solution and is one of the more versatile products on the market as far as application. It can be used for enclosing noise sources, deflecting sound waves, and can be wrapped around or molded to the shape of objects which allows it to be used in a multitude of applications.

Works with very low frequencies (railroad/truck road noise, AC/heat pumps and machinery noise).

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Product Specifications:

  • 1/8th inch, 4.5’ Wide and comes in variable-lengths
  • Made of a Mass-Loaded Vinyl, soundproofing polymer
  • Reduces sound transmission by 70-85%
  • UV resistant
  • Low-permeability for water
  • Independent lab test of STC 29

Product Ideal For:

  • Industrial usage
  • Highways
  • Outdoor construction sites
  • Mass transit rail lines
  • Event tents
  • Outdoor concert venues
  • Festivals

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable— Strong and reinforced material, able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Does not shrink, rot or cause mold, mildew or metal corrosion.
  • Value — The Fence Blokker is portable and can be rolled-up and transported to multiple job locations or placed in off-season storage.
  • Ready-to-hang — The Fence Blokker is custom cut and each panel arrives with grommets on the top edge for easy hanging.
  • Go Green — Product is made from over 90% recycled or organic material and is 100% recyclable at end of life.
  • Paintable — In residential applications or anywhere that aesthetics are a top priority, Commercial Acoustics Fence Blokker is paintable with acrylic latex vinyl based paint.

Install Time:

Less than 15 mins. per panel

Installation Instructions:

  1. Cut Fence Blokker to length of Fence (if necessary). You may leave an additional 1-2” to ensure snug fit along ground
  2. Place the Fence Blokker panels in their expected positions, and allow a 3” overlap on each side
  3. Have 2 people available to assist. Hold the Fence Blokker along the top of the fence with the grommets showing, and zip tie the Fence Blokker along the top
  4.  Allow the Fence Blokker to drape downward, and secure further along the sides or bottom if necessary. If the panels are longer than 10’, additional grommet holes may be added

4.5' x 6', 4.5' x 8', 4.5' x 30, 4.5' x 120'


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